Mother Moon Healing Calendar for Women

Mother Moon Healing Calendar for Women is a comprehensive tool to assist women in creating balance in their cycles. Each day of the month women are guided thru nutrition, helpful herbs, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, hormones, ovulation and metabolism. All these factors have been meticulously synchronized to correspond to each moon phase!

As women, we are rightfully connected to the 29.5 lunar cycle. This is our feminine gift. Each month we have an opportunity to pay homage to the ebb and flow of our powerful lunar rhythms. Each day, during each phase we can align our ovulation cycle with the moons cycle, synchronizing our own rhythms with the larger rhythms of the cosmos, granting us healing guidance and greater harmony. Use this Calendar as a tool to bridge awareness to these healing paradigms. You can do this, whether you are just starting your moon time or into menopause, whether your flow is little, absent, painful or heavy and lengthy. Anyway your cycle is unique to you Mother Moon can guide you to a greater awareness of harmony and balance within yourself.

With a beautiful combination of conscious art and mind melding yet easy to fallow graphics. Mother Moon Healing Calendar is both empowering to look at and work to with.


After fire dancing and being a human torch with the Mexican International Circus, Lennea Baird returned to Canada and found her calling as a Nutrition Consultant Practitioner CNP. While working for the Friendship Center with prenatal women and failure to thrive children she discovered her love for using the medicine wheel as an important tool for healing. After the birth of her own beautiful daughter, Lennea began focusing her research, contemplating, and visualizing, Nutrition, Ancient Culture, Holistic Therapies and women’s consciousness in relation to menstruation. With the publication of Mother Moon Healing Calendar for Women Lennea shares a culmination of twenty years of knowledge to empower and inspire women to explore their connection to themselves and the moon.


This publishment is the amalgamation of thousands of years of knowledge and our feminine consciousness is continually evolving. Every woman is different and every woman has something wonderful to offer. I’d like to encourage you to reach out to me with any wisdom you would like to contribute to 2018’s publishment.

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